Green Masking Painters Tape 2" x 55m (1/pk)

  • Green Painter tape is a green crepe paper designed specifically for excelling at all general painting applications in the collision repair industry (cars, trucks, motorcycles, other autobody vehicles and machinery) for auto paint, spray paint.
  • HEAT RESISTANCE: With a temperature use range of 120°C in the paint booth, this painter tape enjoys a flexible design and is easy to use and remove, ideal for professional auto body painting work. Its robust paper backing resists solvents and moisture while being flexible enough to fit most curves and contours.
  • SHARP PAINT LINES: Our green tape is available for auto body paint surfaces and covers you to create sharp lines with the edge-lock paint line protector, preventing smearing, spatters, or drips.
  • APPLICATION TIPS: For stronger adhesion and no penetration from the edge, you can press along the tape properly with your hand after the tape is affixed. After the paint is dry to the touch, lift the masking tape up slowly to remove it at a 45-degree angle.
  • NO RESIDUE: This painting tape can be easily removed with no residue left behind, don't worry about cleaning up sticky spots on walls after painting or on items you have labeled.

Individually Wrapped - Sold 24 rolls/case