Why use Water Activated Tape?

Water Activated Tape | Ecompack.ca

You see this tape every time you place an order with Amazon. Your package arrives in a Kraft Shipping Box with the “Amazon Prime” branded Water Activated Tape to close the box and keep it secure. Ever wonder why the largest company in the world is using this tape and why you are not yet using it?

It’s called Water Activated Tape. A Brown/Kraft Paper Tape that has a special natural starch adhesive that only activates when you wet it. This Paper Tape has been around since Thomas Edision invented it back in 1912. Its been around for over 100 years, but most people don’t know about it and it’s many benefits.

The reason this tape is not very popular is because you need a special dispenser to activate the Adhesive. The dispensers range from $500 - $1500 in cost so most small businesses shy away from it, but once you understand the benefits and savings, we bet you will change your mind.

Amazon is no dummy, they use water activated tape because it saves money, provides pilfer proof security, increases the efficacy of closing the shipping box effectively and as an added benefit it is 100% Recyclable.

The Water Activated Paper Tape becomes part of the box and is can be recycled like all Shipping boxes. Since the tape is paper based the fiber can be easily ground and converted back to Pulp and then made into new liner board and corrugated back into shipping boxes. Water activated tape is unlike all other plastic tapes that normally end up in  landfills and pollute our beautiful planet.

Once the Starch based adhesive is activated and applied to the box, it becomes a part of the box. The tape acts as a new liner which reinforces the strength of the carton. The tape is so strong that you only have to use one strip to seal as opposed to 3-5 pieces clear tape you see on many packages. This saves you tremendously in the long run as you only use 1 piece of tape that is stronger.

The added benefit is that the box can only be opened by breaking the paper tape, which can never be sealed again. You can easily identify any box that has been opened prior to arriving at it’s final destination. This neat benefit can help provide pilfer proof protection as you can’t take off the tape and re-apply it like Polypro Carton sealing tapes. This save you in goodwill and damages and prevents a would be assailant from stealing your valuable goods.

Water Activated tape dispensers may appear costly initially, but they are a fine tuned machine that allows you to dispense the water activated tape in per-determined lengths so you don’t waste an inch when closing your boxes. They also provided an automated system of quickly and efficiently dispensing tape so you can close more boxes faster than a hand-held dispenser.

 If you are new to water activated tape, we offer a manual dispenser for under $150 to help you test the benefits of this marvellous tape without having to break the bank. Call us or email us so we can help you seamlessly integrate this tape into your production work flow and save you time, increase efficacy, leverage the green benefits and ultimate provide cost savings.