Add Logo and Color to Shipping Boxes

Add Logo and Color to Shipping Boxes

Shipping Boxes are used about 90% of the time to packaging and protect most physical products. They are the most commonly used packaging item in the world and goes by many names: Cardboard Boxes, Kraft Boxes, Corrugated Boxes, Shipping Cartons, Cartons and in within the industry Corrugated Shipping Cartons.

In essence the "Shipping Box" is the outer most packaging item and protects, cushions and facilitates moving a product around the world. Corrugated is the core component of a shipping box and is made at a Corrugator. The corrugator takes 3 pieces of container board, normally master rolls of kraft paper, in combination with steam, heat, and starch to to create a corrugated pad. The pad consists of two liners (Outside Layers) with a Medium (Middle Flute). The pad is then Printed, Cut, Scored & Glued to create various styles of Corrugated Cartons.

The most commonly used style of shipping carton is know as RSC, Regular Slotted Cartons. They have a tab that is glued on the inside, with two flaps at the top and the bottom that allow you to insert your finished goods and then seal them with tape down the middle.  

The Regular Slotted Carton is a simple and study corrugated box that has a defacto name of "Shipping Box" or "Corrugated Box". Most end users try to reduce their shipping cost by getting the cheapest box they can source. In many cases this process results in the valuable products being damaged and destroyed in transit. To ensure you have the correct box for your application, Ecompack highly recommends getting a free sample and testing your product by shipping it. Our experts can provide you with various options to ensure your product arrives intact.

Consumers usually form their impressions of a brand within seconds. Using custom printed shipping boxes can help elevate your products and earn a premium over the competition. Ecompack is able to add simple artwork logos with a tagline or print a full color graphics to your cartons to elevate your brand.

We always suggest starting with a splash of color in the form of a Tagline or simple logo, gauge the success of the shipping box then add more information and graphics to educate your customer. We find that printing on corrugated boxes becomes more cost effect with higher volumes, but suggest 500+ cartons as a starting point to test simple print work.

Check out our custom boxes form to easily get a quote for any shipping box or shipping carton that you may need. Have any question about printed shipping boxes send an email to our team at and we can help you enhance and elevate your brand.